You would think this was created after a long night of drinking by someone with an almost-empty pantry. Turns out this snack is well-liked throughout Rockford.

My favorite snack, a peanut butter and butter sandwich, is my go-to food late at night when my wife and kids are asleep. It's quick, easy, and delicious.

There is just something about the flavor of peanut butter and butter, along with a cold glass of milk, that is so satisfying.

A few of my coworkers said it's disgusting and I should have my head checked. They're half correct.  However, I shared my love for the unusual sandwich on Facebook and, lo and behold, other Rockfordians like it, too.

In fact, 6 in 10 people agreed - they like peanut butter and butter sandwiches. The other 4 were busy posting about politics.

For those of you that may have not yet tried this delicious delicacy - I made an instruction video for you. Go ahead and watch this video and, later tonight, enjoy this excellent late night snack.

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