I've always been fascinated with NASA and missions to the Moon. Maybe it started with the fact that I went to Neil Armstrong Elementary School. Everyday walking into school, there was this giant Moon art piece on the wall. I remember learning about him and was always intrigued by the possibility of going to the moon.

As I got older, the intrigue only grew. Watching shuttle launches on TV or even the Mars Rover, if it has to do with space, I get kind of nerdy about it.

When I found out the Collins Aerospace in Rockford just signed a $320 million deal to be part of the Artemis missions that will land explorers back on the Moon by 2024, I was pretty excited and proud. WTVO claims they will be making sub-systems for the Orion fleet including environmental controls, life support, power, and waste management.

Rockford is involved with us going back to the Moon! That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind and Rockford!

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