If you're feeling sandwich-y this week, there's a reason... it's National Italian Beef Week! So you have to celebrate, of course. 

Celebrating a week like this is fairly simple. You just eat sandwiches.

But what sandwich reigns supreme in the Stateline? Not the one you'd think.

Before we get to that list, did you know that there's a 'proper' way to eat Italian Beef sandwiches?

You have to make sure it's super au jus-y and also you must use both of your hands.

Oh and once you start, you can't stop until you are done.

You know what happens if you stop right? IT GOES EVERYWHERE.

This is so complex that when I wanted Eyewitness News in the Morning Anchor, Elliot Grandia to demonstrate this we had to use a coaster before we even thought of giving him an actual sandwich to attempt.

All sandwich jokes aside the top place in Rockford to grab an Italian Beef is Ditullio's Market and Cafe on E. State.

Sweet Lenny and I went there a few years ago for Ate One Five and while we didn't have an Italian Beef sandwich, we did have enough other delicious items that I can only imagine that the beef is delish.

It's a little bit surprising because Portillo's usually takes the cake in beef rankings, and while I love Portillo's I also love that a local Rockford shop edged them out for #1 on this list.

Who makes your favorite Italian Beef sandwich?

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