The age-old dispute of whether or not a hot dog is actually a sandwich can officially be put to rest.

Never mind the fact that a hot dog is served on a bun and not a piece of bread. If you served a hot dog on a slice of bread then yes, it would be considered a sandwich but alas it is not, so NOT a sandwich.

Barbecue Grilled Hot Dog with Yellow Mustard
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Subway is served on sub sandwich bread which would indeed qualify it to be called a sandwich.

Subway Settles Not-Really Foot Long Sandwich Litigation
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The same would be anything that is prepared and then put on a roll.

So that's why this is what Delish is considering Illinois' most "Classic Sandwich."

On their list The Classic Sandwich to Order in Every State, Delish runs the gamut. From the tasty (Indiana's Pork Tenderloin Sandwich) to the mundane (Wisconsin's Grilled Cheese) every state in America has that one stand-out sandwich.

bhofack2, ThinkStock
bhofack2, ThinkStock

For Illinois, if you're a "Hot Dog is a Sandwich" person then you'd believe a Chicago Style Hot Dog would take the top spot.

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However, Delish believes differently choosing a real Illinois original SANDWICH and calling it the most "classic" in the Land of Lincoln.

"Italian immigrants started making Italian Beef Sandwiches on Chicago’s South Side in the 1930’s. Now available everywhere in Chicago, the supposed originator is Al’s -- dry roasted beef coated in a secret blend of spices, topped with peppers inside a rich roll. You can get it “wet”, with extra meat juice poured on like gravy."


If you're looking for the best Italian Beef Sandwich in Illinois. Al's Beef, 601 West Adams in Chicago, is your best bet according to

Who do you think makes the best Italian Beef Sandwich in Illinois? Tell us!

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