Another story about suspicious men seemingly eyeing a woman has surfaced, this time at a Rockford gas station.

This is not a scare tactic nor a post calling out specific individuals, this is a reminder to be aware of your surroundings and that it is acceptable (and encouraged) to report incidents like these to police through the non-emergency line if you can describe who or what you saw, when you saw it, where it occurred, and why it is suspicious.

A woman shared what happened on Facebook to warn others about the suspicious men she encountered while at Fasmart on Harrison Avenue near Cherry Vale Mall. After exchanging messages I can tell she fears for her safety so I have excluded her personal information.

Here's a screen cap of her post from early Tuesday morning on August 21, 2018.

Rockford Woman Warns of Suspicious Men Near Cherry Vale Mall

The bottom line is women don't feel safe and aren't at fault for it. As Sheriff Caruana told the media if you see something say something, just be prepared to tell the police (through the non-emergency line) specific details as for as who, where, when, and what happened.

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