We've all been there, right? Mad that someone in the house didn't clean up after themselves and just left the mess for you to clean up.

It's usually right after you finished cleaning up too.

One Rockford woman now finds herself in hot water after she allegedly stabbed her cousin after she said he left his dirty dishes in the sink.

Monday, November 4th, Rockford Police were at the 600 block of Score Street responding to a call for aggravated battery.

Upon their arrival officers found the brother of the victim outside the home walking around, which he then led them to the victim who was near Kishwaukee Street. They were able to speak with him and the officers say he had cuts on his left cheek and hand.

The victim told police that his cousin Kalia Butler 25, stabbed him because he left his dirty dishes in the sink. Bulter, in turn, told the officers that she and the victim had gotten into a fight that his brother had to break up.

Bulter then allegedly followed the two men outside were she then stabbed the victim in the hands and face.

She did admit to Rockford Police that she did stab her cousin because "she was mad". Bulter has since been charged with two counts of Aggravated Battery.

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