On Sunday, the snow kept area weather forecasters very busy, but for one Rockford weather forecaster, there was no predicting what would be said to her by one viewer while she was delivering important weather information on camera.

During the height of the snow event on Sunday, WREX-TV Meteorologist Viki Knapp did what most weather professionals do when the weather turns serious. They broadcast on Facebook Live to update their viewers and social media followers about the deteriorating weather conditions. Facebook Live is unique in that it offers an extended forum to discuss all the weather details that traditional broadcast TV does not allow due to time constraints. The forum also allows social media users to engage in a conversion, in real time, with the presenter by commenting. Often the comments allow the presenter to answer questions, but sometimes, individuals use the forum for insults.

When Viki Knapp was presenting her Facebook Live  forecast on Sunday night, like so many of us, she was under the weather, suffering from a cough and cold. To make matters worse, one individual, took it upon himself to insult the dress Viki was wearing

Rockford Weather Forecaster Fashion Shamed During Live Broadcast

Viki responded perfectly! You go girl!

(FFWD to 20:46 in the video to watch Viki's response to Kyle's fashion shaming comment.)


Viki Knapp responded by saying:

  • "Kyle, if you don't have anything nice to say, you don't have to say anything"
  • "I like this dress, I'm gonna wear it"
  • "You don't have to watch if you don't want to"
  • "I am sick, but and here to make sure you know what's going on with the forecast"

Great responses Viki. Other social media viewers also defended Viki.

Viki, we think you do an awesome job!

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