In Rockford, the longest cycle for a stoplight is set for 140 seconds.

Do you ever pay attention to how long you wait for a light to change at an intersection in Rockford?

According to the City of Rockford Government Facebook page,

"Have you ever felt like you were stuck at a traffic signal for 5 minutes or more? In reality, the longest cycle in a City of Rockford controlled intersection is only 140 seconds!"

I'm going to start timing my stops.

"There are 243 signalized intersections within the City of Rockford jurisdiction. The 8 person-Traffic Signal and Lighting section of Public Works maintains them all, along with 2,567 city-owned streetlights and all municipal parking deck and surface lot lights, the colored lights on the Morgan Street Bridge, and the archway lights on Main Street. In addition, it is their duty to perform utility locates (JULIE) on all City-owned fiber optic cabling, electrical service for street lighting and traffic signal infrastructures. This group of employees are on call 24/7/365 to ensure the motoring public, as well as pedestrians, are able to make it throughout the City safely."

If you discover one with issues, please contact the city. Info is HERE.


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