Drive thru pet food pantry coming to Rockford.

I have friends and family that have never owned a pet. They want nothing to do with them. I feel bad for people like that. They are really missing out on something special. A pet becomes a member of your family and even your best friend. Sure, sometimes they can be difficult, so can people. There are expenses involved, but so do a lot of things.

I grew up with dogs. Now, my family has cats. My daughter had a hamster for a bit. I think we even got attached to the goldfish we won at the Winnebago County Fair. I did not have any brothers or sisters so when I was a kid every year our family Christmas card photo was me and the dog. My friends thought it was funny but I was all about it. She was my buddy and a member of the family.

I always get sad when I see animals that need people to adopt them so they can have their forever home. Unfortunately, they will always be out there. Actually, there was a time at the beginning of the pandemic where shelters were very low on pets to adopt. I thought that was very exciting.

Unfortunately, many households have been hit hard financially by COVID. They have to cut back on spending and expenses. The family budget might not have room for things like pets, pet food, and vet visits. They may be forced to get rid of their animals. Think about how horrible that would feel having to give up a member of your family.

Luckily, there is an organization in Rockford that can help make sure your pet stays with you. It is called Kibble Korner Pet Food Pantry. For more info, HERE.

According to their website,

"Kibble Korner has a mission to keep our area's pets fed and in the homes, they know and love.  As families struggle with the loss of jobs, your help can make all the difference to sparing children, parents, and the family pet the heartache of separation. We also help many of our senior citizens who are on fixed incomes and may not have family members to assist them."

They have an event coming up. From their Facebook page.

This is so great for our community.

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