The Collector's Bench at 218 East State St. in Rockford got quite the phone call a few weeks back, and now the shop has gained national attention for the massive Chicago Cubs memorabilia lot they now have on display and available for sale.

This Chicago Cubs collection contains every Cubs baseball card from 1887 to now plus team-issued photos, bumper stickers, pins, stamps and coins. HOLY COW!

Brad Parvin, owner of The Collector's Bench, recently told the Rockford Register Star that he has verified this collection is the real deal. He said;

For the newer stuff — everything 1930s or so on — there are checklists. So we know we have it all. Before that it’s less clear. There may be some gaps. There were some years they didn’t do cards.

Parvin invites us all to the shop to check out this amazing collection. We may not have the money to bring it home for good, but spending a day immersed in Cubs history sounds like a pretty cool thing to do.


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