The Illinois Senate adjourned today without passing a major budget bill which includes the massive 33% proposed income tax increase and seven NEW taxes. To make matters worse, the Senate Republican leader, told Senators to not listen to their constituents back home.

Unbelievable! The Senate will go on vacation until the week of Feb 7th, which is when the tax hike will be brought back for a vote. During this time constituents will have time to give their elected Senators an earful about the budget and the income tax increase, as Senators will return to their home districts for two weeks.

Rockford Senators Told Not To Listen To Their Constituents
Christine Radogno / ILGA.Gov photo

According to the Chicago Tribune, Senate Republican leader Christine Radogno, in speech on the Illinois Senate Floor on Thursday, said:

There's going to be a lot of pressure on us when we get home. On you guys from certain elements, on us from certain elements. Don't succumb to that. We need to do this together for the good of the state. I think we are still on that path.

Did she just say what I think said? In essence, she is telling our Senators: "Don't listen to the people you represent"

Radogno is one of the individuals, who along with Democrat Senate President John Cullerton are pushing raise your income tax rate by 33%, from 3.75 % to 4.99%

As Republican Leader, Radogno leads the leads the caucus that three of four of our four Stateline Senators are part of.

  • Sen Dave Syverson (R) Rockford
  • Sen Tim Bivens (R) Dixon
  • Sen Pamela Altholf (R) McHenry

Rockford Senator Dave Syverson, in a statement issued on his Facebook Page on Wednesday evening signaled he might vote for the income tax increase. This is despite a pledge he made to NOT RAISE TAXES. Syverson said

While I do not like raising any taxes this latest proposal would keep the new tax at or below where it was before the last tax expired

That means an income tax increase back to where it was when Democrat Governor Pat Quinn was in office. The rate at the time was 5% which represents a 33% increase. Sen Dave Syverson is signalling he may be supporting going back to that rate.. On his Facebook Page, Syverson has asked the public to weigh in. Looking at the large number of responses he has received from his constituents, the overwhelming response of NO! Will Sen Syverson listen? We don't know.

State Senator Tim Bivens, who has gone on record as being opposed to the tax increase complains that the budget negotiations have offered not budget cuts, only tax increases.

Sen Bivens told me:

the senate prez says be prepared to vote. The beverage tax is off the table for now. Several legislators including myself want to know where the cuts are.

Sen Altholf, has not responded to any requests for comment.

Democratic Sen Stadelman continues to remain silent on the issue.

It should also be pointed out that this income tax increase, unlike the previous one, would be permanent.

Just like the rain delay in the 10th inning of the Cubs in game seven of the World Series when the Cubs regrouped and pulled it together, a lot can be done in this two week window that the Senate is in adjournment. Your local Senators will return home and can be reached. Despite what the Senate bosses say, you can give your elected Senator your two cents on the this issue and any other issue

Here is how you can contact them:

Sen Syverson (Rockford area) can be contacted HERE, and by phone at (815) 987-7555.

Sen Bivens (represents Carroll, DeKalb, JoDaviess, LaSalle, Lee, Ogle, Stephenson counties, and Dixon Area) and can be contacted HERE.

Sen Stademan (Rockford Area) can be contacted at:, by phone (815) 987-7557 on FACEBOOK, click HERE

Sen. Altholf (McHenry County Area) can be reached HERE

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