Regardless of your political stance, I think one thing everyone can agree on is we need to figure out a way to stop school shootings. One proposal that has been presented is to let teachers carry as long as they have a valid Firearm Owners Identification card, a concealed carry license and have completed an active shooter training program.

At Tuesday night's Rockford School Board meeting, that proposal was voted against 6-1 according to the Rockford Register Star.

Even though there was 1 'yes' vote, no one spoke out for arming Rockford teachers. Mike Connor, the single yes vote, says,

I am personally against arming teachers in RPS 205, there are many school districts that feel very strongly that they need this as their answer to public safety. ... This should be a local option. Our option would be be no. We don’t want it, but we don’t represent every school district in the state of Illinois.

Rockford public schools do have nine school resource officers who are members of the city's police department. I remember growing up our school had one as well, but I also never felt scared that something like that could happen either.

I'm not saying I have the solution to stop this. In my opinion, there's not just one thing that can fix it. If Rockford teachers don't want the option or ability to carry a firearm, I believe that's up to them. The proposal will now see its way to a statewide assembly on November 23rd.

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