RPS 205 Facilities Plan Oversight Committee, the group responsible for checking costs to make sure plans are doable, says there is enough money available to build two new elementary schools in the district. Now that the committee has given the green light, what's next?

Todd Schmidt, RPS 205 Chief Operations Officer and Committee Member recently told 13WREX that the committee will now present their plan to the full school board this coming Tuesday, and then in two weeks the board will make it's final vote on whether or not to build any new schools.

The two new proposed schools would replace old smaller schools. According to Schmidt:

New school one will replace Nelson and Kishwaukee school and it will be contained in that zone. The second school will replace Cherry Valley, White Swan and Thompson and will be somewhere over on the east side of town.


I, for one, hope the school board does vote to build these new schools. Changes are needed, and this may be a good start. What do you think?