I invited City First Pastor Jen DeWeerdt to come in to talk about a big event in Rockford and play the most ridiculous game possible. She's graciously accepted. In this case, you've got to see it to believe it.


Ask me about how City First Church (formerly Rockford First) has changed my life and I will gladly share the story, but this is about getting an invite out to any woman seeking positive change or reinforcement in the life. The 11th Original Conference put on by City First Church will draw 3,000+ women from all walks of life to one central location to inspire and build new relationships.


I've been to two men's conferences at City First Church and can honestly tell you they both were life-changing, a term I'd never used prior to three years ago. If the women's conference is anything like the men's it will be an awesome time. Too bad I can't attend. That's mainly why Jen popped by, but because she is so awesome stuck around for a fun game - before you see that she's hooking you with a deal to get into the conference for a little cheaper.


If you want to attend attend Original Conference you can save $20 off your ticket with the promo code RADIO, good through Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 5 p.m. Get tickets here.

I want to personally thank Jen DeWeerdt for coming in and for everything her, her husband Jeremy, and their staff do for the state-line. Thank you for being a big part of the positive change in my family's life.

Now, for the fun!

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