We all know the Rockford Park District is dealing with a MAJOR budget deficit. They've had numerous tough decisions and cuts to make in the past months, and earlier this week they announced that Riverview Ice House Sportcore One and Elliot Golf Course will likely be the latest attractions to hit the chopping block.

I know for a fact Riverview Ice House needs a ton of repairs, but I was still shocked to see that one on the cut list due to the extreme popularity of hockey and figure skating in Rockford. That is not the point of this article though, the silver lining in all this "bad" news is...

According to the Rockford Register Star, the Rockford Park District hopes these strategic budget cuts will allow for the reopening of the Snow Park at Alpine Hills after two seasons of being shuttered. Jay Sandine, Exectutive Director of the Rockford Park District, recently told the RRStar;

We didn’t ever want to close that. That’s a really cool amenity that I think has untapped potential,” Sandine said. “There’s not a whole lot to do during the wintertime, and it’s just perfect. That thing screams Rockford right in the middle of our town.

The Snow Park at Alpine Hills closed way before the pandemic began due to lack of funds to run, maintain and staff it, so hopefully these proposed cuts by the Rockford Park District will get the job done because we really do need more fun things to do in the winter.

Before you get your snow pants ready for fun this Winter, I should probably tell you that even if all goes well, the Snow Park at Alpine Hills  won't be reopening this Winter, we'll have to wait another whole year to hit those snowy slopes again.

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