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The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been rampant for many businesses, including hospitals. A now-former Mercy Health pediatric nurse has shared her disappointment after learning her department will be eliminated.

Earlier this month OSF announced top executives would take salary cuts and now Mercy Health is making cuts too, an entire department in fact. One of the staff affected by this cut opened up about it on Facebook.

In her post, she shared a multitude of feelings; anger, sadness, and frustration.

It's a disgrace that we live in a world where a person of power can say that money is greater than human life, and make that truth……. My heart just hurts.

She shared encouraging words for her peers, patients, and children in the Rockford-area.

I will be praying for each and every child in the Rockford region. May they have access to the care they need. May lives NOT be lost and only inconvenienced by not having pediatric critical care services close to home. I'm saddened and I am angry.
It's time for healthcare to become human again.

Her lengthy post is worth reading and proves those on the frontlines in the medical field are in it for the people, not the paycheck. You can find the post here.

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