Well things are starting to warm up around here which is definitely a good thing but that also means the weather becomes unsettled. According to the US National Weather Service in Chicago, Northern Illinois, and Northwest Indiana are in the sights of the next storm system to come through our area. At this time, Thursday looks like the first day of storms. This weekend might be a little rough as well as they are predicting strong to severe thunderstorms through Sunday.

The problem is with the warmer weather, the storms are a little harder to predict. Which in turn really makes it harder for weather forecasters to give you an advanced warning about what's coming. In the coming days, we will keep an eye on things and if anything changes we will be sure to let you know. The closer we get to the weekend the better the forecasts will be. I will say this, I'd rather deal with a few storms and rain over freezing weather and snow any day.

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