This may sound like a story that would happen in Florida but, unfortunately, it happened in Rockford. You see, a Rockford man had the munchies and decided he needed a quick meal and based on the location, according to WREX, I'm guessing it was a Culver's Bacon Deluxe. Surely there's nothing illegal about enjoying a burger at a fast food joint but it was how the man tried to pay for his food.

After ordering in a drive-thru at Harrison and Stowmarket Avenues, the man pulled to the window but didn't pull out cash or a debit card. Instead, he pulled out a little baggy of cocaine. He even told the worker he would be paying for the food in drugs, according to WREX. He won't be awarded points for his honesty. He never received the food but will get plenty of hot meals at the Winnebago County Jail. Oh, and Police found seven more "baggies "of cocaine and two "baggies" of heroin, according to police reports.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not collect chicken strips.


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