The days of baby seats and diapers may be behind me, but living through the frustrations of shopping with babies feels like it was just yesterday.

The car seat we chose for our daughters was one that didn't fit nicely onto the front part of the shopping cart like some are designed to do, (which I knew nothing about when I picked it).  It made a quick trip to the grocery store a pain since I had to put the baby seat in the big part of the cart and it limited the amount of stuff I could buy. I know I'm not the only parent that faced this sort of shopping trouble, and I only wish this Illinois family's design would have been a reality back in my baby days!

According to;

Lindsey Fleischhauer, 38 of Naperville, and her father, Stan Valiulis, 63 of Rockford will realize the dream on Friday, March 12, 2021 at 7pm CST on ABC with The Totes Babies Car Seat Carrier, a product to make shopping with babies simpler. It holds over 75 pounds and allows full shopping cart access with most shopping carts large and small.

Glancer Magazine reports that after having her first son, Lindsey struggled through the same shopping struggle I just relayed above, so she turned to her father for help. Lindsey Fleischhauer said;

“I then went straight to my dad who holds over 40 patents and we drew up some ideas and made our first prototype from a curtain rod and a drop cloth stapled together. I took my son shopping with the handmade prototype and it worked amazing in which I knew we were onto something!”

Lindsey and her father Stan's Totes Baby Car Seat Carrier is already available for purchase on Amazon, but hopefully, a successful appearance on 'Shark Tank' will allow them to further expand their company and their creativity!


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