With Winter quickly approaching, many people are already prepping for the Holiday season. One of those people is Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara! Each year, the mayor sends out a winter holiday greeting card, but it's not just any card, it's one designed by someone from the community.

This year is no different, Mayor McNamara said he’d like to use a card designed by a Rockford elementary or middle school student again. Here's the guidelines -

  • Design should be secular or appropriate for all religions and should help capture the feeling of the holiday spirit in Rockford.
  • Artwork must be original and no larger than 8.5” x 11”.
  • Design should be created with crayon, water colors, paints, pencil, ink, markers, or colored pencil, so that the winning art can be easily reproduced.
  • The mayor will have some experts help him choose the winner.

And if you win, your card will be sent out to a ton of companies and organizations that help make our community great. Not only that, you also win some pretty cool stuff. Here's what the winner will receive -

  • Their design/name on the holiday card and 10 copies of the card
  • A $25 gift card to Beef-A-Roo
  • A $25 gift card to Rockford Art Deli

Submissions must be received in the Mayor’s Office no later than November 6, 2020, for consideration. Here's where you can send in your card -

City of Rockford Mayor’s Office
425 East State Street
Rockford, IL 61104

Entries should include your child's name, address, phone number, school, grade, and age.

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