Just over two years ago Uber made its debut in Rockford, now there's a new service called Lyft. I think you're gonna like it.

There's another new way to get around Rockford without driving or without waiting for hours and you could say it's similar to Uber, but if you're adventurous this is for you. If you're familiar with Uber you'll have no problem using Lyft. The mobile apps are about the same as far as being user-friendly. The prices will be competitive. But the experiences will likely differ.

Lyft Amp
Getty Images for Lyft

Uber is simple, grab the app, request your pick, enter in your dropoff, wait for your ride, blh blah blah. Lyft, on the other hand, will bring up music choices, special themes in the vehicle, and pretty little unicorns to pet during your ride. Obviously that last part is fake. But the bigger your group is the bigger the ride and the more fun, according to ridester.com.

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Not only is Lyft finally in Rockford but they're also looking for drivers. You don't even need to own a car. Here's a good side-by-side comparison.

Click here for more. You can also knock $5 off your first ride by clicking here.


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