What is going on in this front window?

Every day I drive down State Street to work and most of the time I don't look to my left or right, but the other day, I was stopped at a light for what seemed like forever.

So I got curious.

I looked to my right, looked to the left and then looked to the right again because what in the world is in that window?

Let's start with the bunny. That is possibly the creepiest Easter bunny on the planet.

I mean, those eyeballs, you want to look away but they've sucked in your soul.

But that's not it.

The house seems to be packed with Easter items on the left and to the right, well that's the creepiest part of all. There's like a little person there!

Not a real person, but a creepy person none the less.

I Googled 'Rockford Brown Manor' to see if there's something I'm missing since I didn't grow up here, but I didn't find anything.

Do you know? Is this house always creep-a-fied?

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