We all may see a ton of crazy things on social media each day, but what I saw posted by the City of Rockford on Facebook today may just be a first for me. Here's the post...

Now, when I first saw that post I immediately thought, 'huh?', but now that I've had time to digest it I have a few questions;

  1. Is the City of Rockford hoping that allowing us to choose the names of the new snowplows will help calm some of our anger when our yards get torn up by them in the Winter?
  2. Can I win anything if my name choice gets selected?
  3. Is the Public Works Department simply using this opportunity to show off how clever they are about choosing names?

We may never know the answer to my first question, but I have found the answers to the other two;

  1. I don't think we will win anything except bragging rights if the snowplow names we vote for are officially chosen, it's just for funsies.
  2. Rockford's Public Works Department really knocked it out of the park coming up with clever name choices. Here are a few of my favorites..

Snowbi wan kenobi


Darth Blader

Buzz Ice Clear

Snowtorious B.I.G.

Teddy Snowsevelt

Veruca Salt

Guys, there are actually 22 names to choose from on the list, and now I understand why the Public Works Department needs help choosing...it's tough to choose the best four!

See the clever list for yourself here, and don't forget to vote for your four favorites by November 5. 2021!

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