This is too good to not write about. Some folks will never understand the struggles of your mailbox repeatedly being knocked down. A Rockford home has come up with a solid plan to put a stop to it that includes recycling.

Growing up in the outskirts of Rockford, I had a neighbor whose mailbox was always getting destroyed accidentally and sometimes purposely. I remember them not being the nicest people so the latter reason shouldn't be so surprising.

When I saw this mailbox situation two questions popped into my head, "Is this real?" and "Are these people not well-liked or something?"

Turns out the homeowners of this particular mailbox don't cause trouble for their neighbors, they just have bad luck when it comes to mailboxes, according to a nearby neighbor.

They really don't cause any problems just really nice people it seems, kind of keep to themselves.

Apparently, mailboxes getting knocked down is a frequent issue in the neighborhood. And, If there is one thing that could stop vehicles from hitting a mailbox it's a big bulky microwave.

Even if someone were to hit it with a bat it will make a lot of noise and take a lot of effort to knock it down. Heck, if a motor vehicle smashes into it and takes it out, there will be noticeable damage to the car, truck, or whatever.

Photo Provided
Photo Provided

I've seen people come up with ways to detour their mailbox from being knocked down, like old metal milk cans filled with cement, monstrous pieces of wood, even long logs, but nothing like this.

Photo Provided
Photo Provided

If you have a creative mailbox send us a picture of it on Facebook.

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