A piece of history is making its way back to Rockford. The Peaches from the 40's are a part of it. 

Our news partner WTVO is reporting that the International Women's Baseball Center is moving from California to right here in Rockford. The announcement will be made on September 6th by Winnebago County Officials and select members of the Rockford Park District.

There will be new headquarters that will be built across from Beyer Stadium, which used to house the Rockford Peaches. In those headquarters they will have multiple things for everyone to enjoy, including a museum for girls and women's baseball and a training facility.

What makes this even better is the statement from Dr. Kat WIlliams, who is the director of the soon to be relocated headquarters.

"she feels the central physical location of the new center is important. “Rockford is a perfect location.  The Midwest has been a real focal point of baseball for decades and decades. It’s a place for girls and women to come together. The fact that the buildings are across from Beyer Stadium where the Peaches".

I loved the movie "A League Of Their Own" and I am certainly going to take my kids to this when it opens up. Everyone can play ball, and now Rockford is making strides to make the community better by reliving the past.