What started as a crazy idea from JB and I, turned into a movement in Rockford that literally made me cry.

Months ago we began asking you to help us collect a million pennies for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We asked you to get your work, your church, your clubs, your kids, your families involved in this mission to collect $10,000 in pennies for St. Jude, and you guys answered the call big time.

JB and I's original thought in doing this was that it was an easy way to add a couple thousand dollars to the radiothon tote board, but we never really thought we'd hit a million pennies collected, and we didn't....We got ONE MILLION AND 500 HUNDRED THOUSAND PENNIES!!!

I truly cannot put into words how very thankful we all are for your love and support of St. Jude kids. I also must apologize for ever doubting the amazing things the Rockford area is capable of. I've always known the citizens of Rockford and surrounding communities were extraordinary, good-hearted people, but let's be honest, a million pennies is a whole lot of change to collect, (and count).

We may have broke and jammed several coin counting machines all over Rockford, but the end result was well worth it. Thanks to you, Rockford, $15,000 was added to the St. Jude Radtiothon toteboard, and because of you, hundred of families will be able to help their child beat cancer without having to worry about how much it costs to save a life.

Rockford, thank you for never letting us down, and thank you for loving St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as much as we do. For the third year in a row, the toteboard numbers have been rising, and our cups runneth over with gratefulness for every single one of you.

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