I think all parents know that food made at home is better for their babies than store-bought baby food, but time to make it is a issue for a lot of people.

When my girls were babies, this is something I struggled with. I bought the Gerber baby food because of convenience and the fact that I am pretty much incompetent in the kitchen. I had heard and read the stories about the dangers of store-bought baby food, but I just chalked them up to exaggeration and I trusted the products I was buying to feed my babies. Then I read this story from WREX, and now I feel extremely guilty.

According to WREX, SwedishAmerican Pediatrician Manika Bhateja is warning parents about the dangers of store-bought baby food and is strongly urging them to make their baby food at home. Studies show that 95% of the baby food brands sold in stores contain toxic metals and these levels can cause problems with brain development in children. Dr. Bhateja told WREX,

“For the time being, until they figure out what to do with this and how to come up with safer food, I would recommend making your own food at home

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