As I settle in to my new hometown, I have the task of finding a place to live. What I didn't know is that my look would involve some power from above. 

I had found an apartment around the area where we broadcast at. It was a nice place, and it would be close to the station. I took a look at the place and it was really nice. It had all the bells and whistles. It had only been on the market for a few days, so there were plenty of applications.

After speaking to the owners of the building, they told me that I had a great chance of renting the apartment. I was very excited that I could finally settle down and call somewhere my home. That is when a power above had the final say.

I turned in the application in the evening and was told that I would have an answer about the residence sometime later the next day. I then received a call from the owners of the building. They were very nice and told me that this story could not be made up. At 10 :00 PM the night earlier, their priest had called them. He said that there relatives from overseas were back in the area and they needed a place to live. So, they took a look at the apartment and signed the lease right on the spot.

I could not be upset at all. If I was in the same position, I would rent to a man who has connections with the good man upstairs. They always say that God has a plan. For that moment in time, he certainly did.

(As a side note, the people who own the building were nothing but kind and considerate. I wish them nothing but the best and thank you for being so hospitable to me.)