June is looking to be better than the bulk of 2020 so far without much help, but then Aldi dropped this news and OMG best month ever.

Once upon a time no one shopped at Aldi. I mean someone did, but it was for the few, not the masses. Then a few years ago the rest of us got smart and realized the stuff is cheaper there and also pretty decent.

Now we shop there so much there are lines out the door for special items. So you better believe I'm gonna be there June 10 when they drop spiked raspberry lemonades!

And mac and cheese pizza? That's coming even sooner, on June 3.

The Sundae Shopped mini ice cream cones that are probably meant for kids will also be in my cart, and probably the box of Sangria Rose. I mean you know I need that.

The Kitchn dropped the news on us that these items and more are headed to Aldi, so even if we're not getting back to real 'normal' in the next few weeks, we have something to look forward to.

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