Some of the Hard Rock locations around the country and around the world have these awesome giant guitar structures out front. It makes all the sense in the world to have a "specific checkered guitar" in front of ours.

Rockford Fifth Ward Alderwoman Venita Hervey watches TV like the rest of us, and is now questioning this giant guitar, possibly because of something completely unrelated in New Orleans.

According to WREX Venita Hervey is concerned because,

“We don’t have a sign of that height." 

Third Ward Alderman Chad Tuneberg appears to see things clearer, and without a pretend engineers hat on:

“Although accidents do happen, all Rockford Hard Rock structures — including the large guitar — have to meet specific structural requirements that are mandated by the city of Rockford building codes. I’m confident in the skills and expertise of our local contractors and union tradesmen. I’m sure they will be doing their best in building a structurally safe and sound entertainment venue.”  


I can't wait to see the giant checkerboard guitar out from of Hard Rock Rockford! What an amazing symbol for Rockford, to share with the world.




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