What could possibly have caused this couple to have to cancel their wedding? How did the airline make up for the inconvenience?

Leave it to an airline to screw up wedding plans. Lenore Hills and Mike Peterson told WIFR about all the troubles they had when trying to get to Las Vegas on Allegiant Airlines on Tuesday.

The couple experienced a flight delay, not once but twice. Lenore Hills said after boarding their flight they were told to exit the plane because of technical problems.

After boarding the plane a second time things got even worse for the almost newlyweds.

The second time they boarded the plane, they say they waited for hours with no electricity or heat only to be told to get off the plane again.

You can imagine how upset you'd be, right?

"The communication is terrible. It's null and void. We sit on a freezing - Wind chill is what? 20 below yesterday, and we're on a plan with no heat - nothing. For 3, almost 4 hours, freezing,” says Lenore Hills.

The couple's wedding vacation turned into a canceled-wedding staycation.

After a "no big deal" apology, Allegiant Airline said this to WIFR,

Everyone affected should be receiving $150 vouchers for the inconvenience. Those who chose not to take the flight will have an option of another flight or a refund.

As you can imagine, the couple has no plans on flying with the airline again.