Catherine Yeulet; ThinkStock[/caption]This is so cool not to share. I am so excited for a friend of mine, Vic Worthington, who is also a Rochelle Middle School teacher made the news for being selected as one of 15 teachers qualified to win a grant for his school's technology program.


Winning this grant, according to The Rochelle News Leader,would help Vic "fulfill a vision to develop an innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) technology program for students at Rochelle Middle School. It would also help connect classroom learning to technology and mentorship from local business and agricultural leaders."

Vic as well as the other 14 candidates will be needing help to win. Starting October 1st, we can visit to cast our vote. Mine will be going towards my friend Vic Worthington to win one of the six $100,000 grants.

Teachers are unsung heroes and I feel we need to show them appreciation and gratitude for all that they do for our kids. If my vote can help support a dream of one teacher to help further the education, dreams and desires of his students then I am all for it.

Congratulations Vic and good luck!