The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic brought with it a fear of the unknown, uncertainty and the uprooting of daily routine. However, the quarantine has also allowed an ample amount of time for reflection and a reset on perspective. That's something that “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” singer Riley Green seems to have really tackled the past few weeks, turning his personal outlook on our world’s situation into song.

Green’s new tune is called “Better Than Me," and he debuted the song with a video on Instagram, performing  at home with his guitar. He later uploaded it to YouTube.

The beginning of the song touches on the current state of our world, and the way the previous joys of everyday life are now mundane. However, it’s forced Green to take a pause, stripping away all the daily distractions and hustle of his career, and has allowed time for the little things in life.

“There’s a world on fire, feels like a bad dream / Did the hammer come down / Feels like a kick in the teeth / Well this down on my luck's been getting me down on my knees / Might have been something I need," Green sings in the video above.

Green’s new song encapsulates how the quarantine has allowed for the priority of family and friendships to be the focal point. There’s now time to do all the things we’ve wanted to do, but because of life’s rat race, have previously had to put to the wayside.

“Got a little less in the bank / I get a little more sleep / I get a little more use out of that old porch swing / I got a little more hurt holding on to little more me / Feel a little more free," the lyrics add.

Though our world is currently in disarray, it’s also been a time of people prioritizing less of the worldly, fleeting things, and putting focus back into the things that will withstand the test of time. Green is reminding everyone that it’s a situation to use as refinement for a person at their core and to come out of this a better human being. It’s the silver lining we needed to be reminded of when sometimes the voice of doubt can speak louder than the voice of positivity. As Riley Green sings, “Where I'm going might be better than where I've been.”

Green has recently been seen sporting a very full mustache and spending his quarantine time enjoying his two favorite things: the outdoors and hunting.

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