After having the opportunity to meet Rascal Flatts through the years of broadcasting, I assure you that Gary, Jay, and Joe Don are as real and honest in person as they are on stage. I have also been blessed to vacation in Florida, which is awesome. The opportunity to do both at the same time is a dream come true. Here's how you can get close with Rascal Flatts and travel on our tab.

Rascal Flatts current release 'Rewind' is hands down, the best release in years. The harmonies are tighter than ever, and the lyrics of each song hit right on target in my opinion. My favorite song of the 'Rewind' release is 'The Mechanic'. A great love song with a play on lyrics. If you have had the chance to experience Rascal Flatts at Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin two years ago, you already know they we're the highlight of the weekend.

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Florida is the also the home of Busch Gardens, a treasure in America. Q98.5 will arrange for one lucky winner to experience a great day at Busch Gardens, and Rascal Flatts in Tampa Bay while you're there in September.

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We will also make sure our winner receives air transportation, accommodations, and $500 in cash. (Hit 'Rewind' sound effect here) Yes, $500 in cash to spend anyway you want.

To make it easy for you to sign up, click here by midnight Sunday, June 29, 2014. Then just listen for your name on Monday, June 30 on Q98.5.

You work hard and we want you to make many memories watching Rascal Flatts in concert in Tampa Bay, Florida. We also want you to unwind from work while you're in Florida so you can 'rewind' the great memories you'll make .