My favorite time of year is here. Fall, the changing of the leaves and time for the Osage Oranges to drop from the trees.

If you want an organic way to repel spiders and insects in your home during the winter grab a few of these.

Some say it's an old wives tale that this fruit,if you will, repels spiders. But according to this article from it is a natural way to repel insects from invading your home in the winter months.

I keep my eye on a line of trees near out where I live and as soon as I see the fruit hanging on the limbs I keep watching until they drop, that's when it time to grab a few.I placed them in all the corners of my basement.

If you do this I would suggest placing a layer of newspapers or maybe a thick paper plate underneath them, because as the deteriorate they get kind of brown and could leave a brown spot.

If you're looking for additional tips of natural ways to repel insects from your home check this link out from