Growing up my sister's and I had a tree house my Dad built for us in our giant sugar maple in the yard.

That tree house paled in comparison to this tree house your can rent out for a stay in Schaumburg.

Wow! look at that it has just about everything you'd need for a fun little over night or weekend stay.

My tree house growing up was just a platform of boards nailed and strapped down between to large limbs.

Would you rent it out? I think I would. It would certainly be interesting and look it's not that far away either. Schaumburg is almost in our backyard. about an hour or a little more away.

I could see taking a weekend shopping in and around Woodfield and then go relax in the tree house. Sounds pretty good to me.

The owner, Dan Alexander, told WGN News that he rents it out for $195.

If you're interested in renting it out or would like more details visit:


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