Even though you won't see a cyclist in the immediate future, it's a good time to familiarize yourself with the "Dutch Reach", as found on Illinois' 2019 edition of Rules of the Road.

In short, you must open your door with your right and when you're exiting the driver side of a vehicle. This is don to be able to see vehicles and cyclists that may be approaching. Though using your right hand to open the left door seems counterproductive, your body and your eyes will be facing more to the right. This way you will be more likely to spot oncoming traffic that could collide with an open car door.

In case you're still confused about the "Dutch Reach", IDOT explains it like this,

What is a Dutch reach, you may ask? It simply involves using your right hand to open your door (left hand on the passenger side). This forces your body to swivel far enough to look for oncoming cyclists.

You will find "Dutch Reach" on the written Illinois drivers license test. If you're the "I need a visual" type, watch the following video.

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