Any Chicago Cubs fan that was listening to or watching game seven of the world series between Chicago and Cleveland will never forget where they were when Pat Hughes said "longest drought in the history of American sports is over", or Joe Buck's "the Cubs have won the pennant." For me, I was laying in bed listening to the game in my earbuds because (like many Cubs fans) there was no way I was getting sleep even though I had to be up in just a few short hours.

When that final out happened and the Chicago Cubs were World Series Champion after 108 years, I cried. Tears were literally falling down my face to the pillow below. I got out of bed and snuck into my 7-year-old (at the time) son's bed, gently shook him, and said "Jae, the Cubbies won, buddy. They finally did it." Half asleep he replied, "awesome, I love you, daddy." And I cried some more. But I wasn't the only emotional fan - watch this quick story from one of Chicago's sports journalists.

Here's a great video recapping those final few outs from the view of Chicago Cubs fans  Cleveland, including country star Brett Eldredge.

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