It’s a blast from the past for those who love sugar. Coca-Cola is once again selling Surge thanks to the internet.


Crave a beverage with four times the amount of sugar of other soft drinks and donuts? You'll be happy to hear that the beverage 'Surge' is quietly making a comeback. According to CNN, 'Surge" will be expensive at $14 for a 12 pack of 16 oz cans. You really are paying for all that sugar.

Originally launched as a way to compete with Mountain Dew in the 90's, the popular drink, which has an astounding 56 grams of sugar per serving, had been discontinued in bottles and cans in 2002. A year later, you could no longer get it in soda machines.

The soda had been brought back online in recent months. Thanks to Amazon, customers can get their hands on Surge on Amazon. Thank you technology for connecting the past with the future.

Remember this 1997 TV Commerical for Surge?

After seeing the commercial, I am strangely craving a visit to a local sugarcane field.