With the kids back in school are you still finding it difficult at time to get your schedules nailed down?

Well have no fear, there are apps for that. Apps to help busy parents and students stay on track.

If you need a little help managing the carpool schedule or the kids with their homework there are several apps you can download to your phone to help you with that. Plus, most of these apps are free.

One app is called Cozi that's free and available for both Android an iPhone users. It keeps track of schedules and appointments.

Another free app called Life360 is available for Android, iPhone and Windows phone users is a location sharing app that helps your keep track of where everyone is at  their drop off and pick times for meetings, events and school.

There's a free app for the kids to help with home work called MyHomework. This app helps kids stay on top of their homework assignments, class schedules, and upcoming tests. Also, this app makes it easy for parents to check in to make sure the work is being done.

Lastly, there's an app called Atkive. It's free for Androids but there is a $4.99 charge for iPhones. This is for parents who like to keep all their kids artwork and projects but have no real room to store it. You can digitally store the memories.

Now that app is pretty cool. I wish I would have had that for many of the projects I did in college. Alas, apps and smartphones, weren't around when I was in college. Gasp... I'm old. Haha!

Hopefully one of these apps can help you and your kids feel more balanced and less stressed as you settle into this routine for the next 8 months or so. Wow! seems like a long time, but we know it'll be summer break before you know, it.