When visiting my Dad in the hospital last night I grossed out in touching the elevator buttons. I used my knuckle then instantly used the hand sanitizer next to the elevator door.

Ok, so maybe I'm a germaphobe. There are a lot of germs are in hospitals. Here are some tips to reduce getting them.

According to this article from the Global Crisis Center Solutions  there several things we can do to protect ourselves and those we're visiting. Here are a couple of rules to reduce germs.

1. Wash your hands.Do this before touching someone of items in the room, do it again when leaving or entering the room again.

2. Wipe down items with antibacterial wipes or after touching items like the TV remote bed rails etc... wipe your hands with antibacterial hand sanitizer.

For more tips click here.

Here are few tips in washing your hands properly.

Steps to proper handwashing...

  1. Hands should be washed using soap and warm, running water
  2. Hands should be rubbed vigorously during washing for at least 20 seconds with special attention paid to the backs of the hands, wrists, between the fingers and under the fingernails
  3. Hands should be rinsed well while leaving the water running
  4. With the water running, hands should be dried with a single-use towel
  5. Turn off the water using a paper towel, covering washed hands to prevent re-contamination.

Germs are everywhere but if I can help cut down on transferring them to other people or things you bet I'm going to do it.

I get the heebee-geebees  just thinking that I'm touching germs everywhere. Thank God for hand sanitizer! That is the best invention ever. Heck! I carry a bottle with me at all times and I even have a bottle on my desk at work.




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