It is so easy to complain about Illinois. It's even easier to complain about life in 2020. For some, it's also easy to complain about Rockford. It doesn't need to be like that. Look at this Reddit user who opted to find the good in Rockford in 2020. How can this be, you might wonder? Just keep reading.

What is the biggest complaint about Illinois? Probably taxes, right? In Rockford, it's one of two things - "there's nothing to do" and crime, right? I'm sure the list of complaints is longer but those are defintely at the top of the list. I can't vouge for the crime situation because I don't know all the numbers and the whole "per capita" thing still confuses me. What I can say is crime happens everywhere, all over the state and country and world. The whole "there's nothing to do" idealism that has been around for decades, that's just ignorant. Sorry, not sorry. In the subreddit, /Rockford, one Redditor decided to share their opinion on two good things about Rockford in recent times.

This town gets a bad rap but I tell ya, we have two things really going for us that stood out in recent times.

Reddit user /2boredtocare could have easily posted about anything else but went with something positive about Rockford. First, he/she shared a positive note about voting experiences.

I have been in the city for a long, long time. I have voted now at...3? 4? different polling places over the years. I have never had to wait more than 15 minutes total to get in and out, including this year when things were so uncertain.

Followed by free COVID-19 testing in Rockford.

And the second, reading in the r/CoronavirusIllinois sub, we are on top of it with the free COVID testing. I'm not sure what UIC has looked like this week, and I imagine they are a little busier than when my spouse was there several weeks back, but we have it, and it's easy.

I don't know who this Reddit user is but I commend him or her for taking the high road when talking about the forest city. Bashing Rockford or being negative in general is so easy to do, but in a world that sucks right now, more people need to make the effort in being positive and uplifting just like /2boredtocare.

So yeah. We're not perfect. We have work to do. But these two things? We're doing them really well, so thanks if you're out there helping make that happen.

Be positive.

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