I think I may have just died and gone to red velvet heaven! They better not disappoint!

Hitting stores on February 2, just in time for Valentine's Day, this limited edition Oreo will only sell for 6-8 weeks or until the packages run out.  I see a mad rush for these babies, so my guess is we will actually see them in stores for 3 weeks tops.

Yes, they will turn your milk red. Yes, they have a cream cheese center. Yes, I do realize they can't possibly taste as heavenly as true red velvet cake, but a girl can dream.

People magazine recently conducted a taste-test of this new Oreo with a few of their very lucky staffers, and you can read the results here.

Just so you know, I have not read these results. I don't want them to crush my spirit, or ruin my very first bite of what I hope to be red velvet Oreo yummy-ness. Happy Valentine's Day to me!