This is amazing...

Yup, two vicious little hoodlums were driving recklessly in Aurora when Officer Dave Sheldon finally caught up with them.  Reports say that the little drivers were going 4 mph in a 2 mph zone.

Thank goodness for the brilliant heroics of Officer Sheldon. Without him, many people could have been hurt.

We hope this serves as a lesson to all. Reckless driving, and behavior in general, will NOT be tolerated in Aurora.

In all seriousness, this might be the cutest damn thing I have seen in a very long time. I love it when videos and pictures of cops doing great things in their communities are revealed.

No, justice is not perfect and neither are cops, but there are many doing fantastic things in our neighborhoods that go without acknowledgement because most people are talking about all the bad things in the news.

It's a refreshing reminder. Please, if you ever see an officer doing things like this. Get that camera out of your pocket and give them the credit they deserve, by posting it all over social media so I can talk about it lol!

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