Reba McEntire takes down good guys and bad guys in the trailer for her new Lifetime movie, The Hammer. As Judge Kim Wheeler, the country music star proves no one is above the law.

The nearly two-minute-long clip sets up the premise of the film. Judge Wheeler has returned to rural Nevada to take her seat at the bench after the previous magistrate died (spoiler alert: he was murdered). Immediately, fans see her take a police officer down a peg when he pulls her over for speeding. Then a suspected criminal tries to attack her but gets the business end of her gavel.

News of McEntire's new role first came to light in July. Watch the trailer for yourself:

Other highlights from The Hammer trailer include McEntire with a handgun, her real-life boyfriend Rex Linn as a "mysterious cowboy named Bart Crawford" and her bestie Melissa Peterman, who is the murder suspect.

The movie filmed this summer and looks set to premiere in 2023 on Lifetime. This makes for a continuation of a busy acting season of McEntire's life. She's also set to be a major character on the upcoming season of Big Sky. This time, her character (Sunny Brick) may be on the other side of the law as a rural outfitter with a history of missing clients.

McEntire's hair and wardrobe are much better kept in the new ABC drama. She looks quite disheveled throughout the 105-second-long clip for The Hammer. In case you're wondering, "The Hammer" is her character's nickname in the movie, which looks to be equal parts drama and comedy.

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