If your like me finding ways to be quick in the kitchen. Don't get me wrong. I love to cook and be creative, especially on gray days like this. However, if I can find ways to be quicker in the kitchen and not take forever to make a meal, sing me up!

Take a look at this article I found from ViralNova.com that offers some quick and easy tips when in the kitchen.

Some of the tips are so ingenious, I wonder why I didn't think of it?

For example:

How do you get a perfectly cut piece of cake? Run your knife through hot water before cutting.

How do you cut cherry tomatoes without getting juice and seeds everywhere. Put them between 2 plates and slice with a knife. Almost like plate sandwich with tomatoes in the middle.

Or my favorite is the cookie dough idea. Basically you're making your own take and bake cookies.Once mixing up cookies dough form into balls and save in a freezer bag. Basically you're making your own take and bake cookies. Later when you need to make cookies you can take out as many cookie dough balls as you need.

Some of these tips I already do and some I will put into practice soon. It's all about saving time so we can enjoy the things we really like to do, like listening to Q98.5!