Hey guys, this is Susannah. She was a St. Jude Kid.

I thought maybe putting a face to a name might help you get a better picture of who you will be helping, if you choose to do so, through Q98.5's Country Cares Radiothon today and tomorrow.

I received this button last year when visiting the St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis. I keep this on my bulletin board in my office as a daily reminder of the children we fight to protect and save from cancer.

Susannah, unfortunately, didn't survive her fight with cancer. Her parents though, through their spoken testimony, were grateful for all the research and help St. Jude provided for them because they were able to have their little girl around longer than what their original diagnosis was. Instead a few months to a year they were given several years to be with their daughter.

Besides being struck by how grateful these parents were in light of loosing their daughter the other thing that struck me was what Susannah had asked her Dad. She wanted to know if she would be remembered when she was gone? This family has made it their mission that she would be remembered and it was all because of St. Jude and the support of those who donate.

To this day I still get tears in my eyes just retelling that story.

Maybe that will help you today in your decision to give. When you put a face to the name it really does remind you of why we do what we do as a radio station, why St. Jude does what they do and what you do as a donor. Remember Susannah.

And, thank you!

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