When can we buy these cereals and will the Donettes come with the powdery mess?

Put That Diet on Hold Because There's A New Cereal To Binge Eat
Post Cereal via Amazon

If you're constantly Googling what new foods and drinks taste like save yourself time by coming here first because we're on top of the food game. If we haven't found the newest thing we know Bustle has done the homework, which is where this review is coming from in a shorter form.

First things first, let's get the scoop (or spoon full) on Post's Hostess Honey Bun.

Post's Hostess Honey Bun will be a delight if you're a Cinnamon Toast Crunch fan.

The Honey Bun cereal got points for its appearance; flavor-wise, it’s “similar to, but ‘sweeter than Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

And for the grand finale, Post's Hostess Donettes.

If you're like me you're already in, without question. But for the skeptics, you'll be happy with the information Bustle shared because it's all great news for your mouth.

The Donettes cereal pieces are apparently “puffier than a Cheerio” and “crunchier than the original Donettes.”

And what about the powder? Is it still there?

The powdered sugar feel is there, and it lingers like when you’re eating one of the donuts,” said team member.

Thank you, Jesus, for all the powdery goodness placed cleanly in a box for us all to enjoy whenever we'd like.

Both kinds of cereal will be in almost every store by January 2019.

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