I have been DJing High school Proms for 33 years and have never encountered this before. I love it! It happened in Phophetstown, IL. This past Saturday, 59-year old Julie Stees finally got to go to her first prom. Who was her date? Read on....

It started out as kind of a joke but ended up ended up turning into a dream a come true, for Grandma.

Prophetstown High School Senior Justin Stees told his grandma a few weeks ago that he was planning on attending his prom, Stag. Grandma didn't like that idea because she wondered why a good looking kid like Justin was going by himself?

Julie told the Sauk Valley News: "A good-looking kid like him? What a shame. Why don’t you take Grandma?’” Julie said, “and he said, ‘That’s a good idea. Would you really go, or are you just pulling my leg?
Justin asked his high school principal for permission and the rest is history.

Justin said “Everybody said I had a lot of balls for doing it,” - Way to go Justin! No word on if they danced to "The Wobble" at the dance!

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