Hooray, your property tax bills have arrived in the mail! I have to admit, when I open mine, my heart starts beating a rapid pace and I develop cold sweat, instantly.

This shouldn't come as a shocker, but if you think that you pay a higher than average property tax than other parts of the state - -  You are right!

Tax Rates.org calculated the average property tax each homeowner in every Illinois County pays.

TOP 5 Property Taxes in Illinois (per $100,000 home value) :

1. Winnebago County -  $2,390.00

2. Stephenson County - $2,280.00

3. Livingston County -$2,240.00

4. DeKalb County: $2,220.00

5. Lake County - $2,190.00

Other Stateline Counties

7. LaSalle County: $2100.00

8. Kane County/McHenry County (tie) $2090.00

19 Boone Country / Carroll County (tie) $1980.00


If your home is worth $150,000 in Winnebago County, your tax bill was probably close to $3585.00. If your home is worth $200,000, your tax bill was closer to $4780.00.

If you've ever wondered what other Illinois counties pay in property taxes, check out this list  Here's a list of Illinois property taxes by county.


Source: Tax rates.org

You should note that the numbers above are "county-wide averages". Property tax rates can vary greatly within each county. This is dependent on what taxing districts you reside within

School districts account for most of where your property tax dollars go.

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